Welcome to Physics Partners

Physics Partners is a dynamic educational charity providing hands-on training and support for non-specialist and newly qualified physics teachers in state secondary schools.

We support over 200 schools, and the number increases all the time. To see how we could help you, please contact us.

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What we offer

  • Mentoring and support for teachers
  • Online and in-school training
  • Lesson plans and resources

Support from Physics Partners

The following services are offered by Physics Partners to schools taking part in our schemes. All services are completely free at the point of access to schools, generously funded by our trust and individual sponsors.

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How we work

We come to you so the teachers and technicians can use the apparatus available in your school. The need for the school to provide expensive cover is reduced, and the cost of travelling time for teachers and technicians is eliminated.

Our aims are to build teachers’ confidence in carrying out experiments and demonstrations, to increase their knowledge of physics and to enable them to provide hands-on experience that is essential if pupils are to enjoy science.

Physics Partners is fully accredited as a CPD provider.

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Customised training

A series of CPD accredited training sessions conducted by two qualified physics teachers with an enhanced DBS certificate, who are STEM Ambassadors and have received specialist training from the Institute of Physics.

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Teaching and mentoring

Teaching, mentoring and notes to extend the knowledge and understanding of teachers up to the standard of A level physics. Email and telephone support is provided by the training team leader between visits.

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Classroom resources

Online library of clear, detailed resources, including experiment worksheets for pupils, with additional information and sample results for teachers and technicians; and PowerPoint presentations related to each experiment for use in class.

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